Idea™ – Background music and advertisment in retail

The ear is always on reception. With targeted acoustic customer information,™ creates added value for your company. The influence of background music on shopping behaviour or on the satisfaction of customers and employees is undisputed.

With the right sound in the shop, brand-building sound elements and targeted advertisments,™ creates your corporate soundtrack that ensures a consistent presence even across multiple shops.

Used optimally, the™ concept helps you to significantly increase your sales.

Supported systems

Whether it’s a shopping mall or an independent business:™ provides your company with background sound tailored to your needs. To receive your programs, you can use our tried-and-tested Barix network player, a Sonos Wireless HiFi system, our Smartphone app or simply your webbrowser.

Technical requirements™ is a streaming service. Broadband internet* and connection to the audio/amplifier system are the only technical requirements for interruption-free reception.

*) more precisely: 50-80kbps per simultaneously used channel™


Customer loyalty™ creates a pleasant shopping atmosphere, increases dwell time and willingness to buy.

Brand presence™ complements your brand presence and ensures the acoustic recognition of your brand.

Employee motivation

Music makes things easier.™ increases motivation at the workplace and identification with the company.

State of the art

Professional radio automation, superior audio quality, highest availability, easy to implement in many systems.


You broadcast your sales information according to your needs: Content, form and timing. Directly at the point of sale.

Legally licensed

Don’t worry:™ is legally licensed and may be used in a commercial environment.

Corporate Radio™ can also be accessed outside the shops and becomes a public medium for your customers.

Cloud Service™ is hosted in the cloud: minimal intervention in the technical infrastructure, maximum freedom in programme control.

Modular™ has a modular structure. You only use what you need and what creates added value for you and your brand.™

Music programs

The™ concept consists of the music programme, which – tailored to the image of your brand – creates a pleasant atmosphere in your shops. Complementary jingles and commercials refine the music carpet into the perfectly fitting instore radio.

Music profile

Music has been our core competence for 15 years. Our music editors monitor your music programme and constantly develop it further – fully adapted to your brand. Our music database contains around one million titles from a wide range of styles.

We have good relationships with artists and the music industry, which means we can play the best music when you hear it on ‘conventional’ radio. Because we love music!

Branding elements and announcements

Your station IDs and jingles complement the music mix specially compiled for your company. This turns the music carpet into your brand’s unique, unmistakable in-store radio.

You integrate announcements and commercials into the programme according to your needs. You place your messages directly at the point of sale and stimulate sales in a targeted manner. We advise you on both content and form and, if required, also take over the production.™

Announcements with Spot.FM™

Targeted scheduling

Our in-house developed Spot.FM™ announcement system controls the broadcast of shop information, announcements and in-store radio spots. Individually as required up to individual circuits in selected branches. And all this in real time!

Longterm planning

Spot.FM™ enables both long-term planning of your sales information and short-term placement of in-store spots for sales promotions with minimal lead time.

Decentralized management

Spot.FM™ is designed as ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS). This means that the latest version is always available to you. The application can be controlled decentrally from anywhere, even via smartphone. You gain maximum flexibility in spot management and maximum precision in the precise programming of your announcements and spots.™.fm


Barix Exstreamer-100: IP-Audio Decoder – DataNab LLC

Barix Exstreamer-120: IP-Audio Decoder with LCD Display and Micro SD s – DataNab LLC with Barix Exstreamer

For customers with many locations, the network receivers from the Swiss company Barix are proving their worth. They can be connected very flexibly to existing audio systems. We deliver them preconfigured and ready to use and, if required, we also support you with installation and leveling.

The Barix network receivers adapt to the use in operation. They need very little power (<10W) and can be monitored particularly well by us or your IT department. with Sonos

Sonos is a system of wireless HiFi speakers and audio components. Sonos is often the first choice, especially in boutiques and smaller retail outlets.

The speakers can be grouped into zones as desired and controlled via apps. programmes can be received very easily with Sonos – including any announcements!

Works With Sonos with iOS and Android Apps

Do you use an Apple or Android tablet or smartphone as your music source? Great, then all you need is our™ app and you can select your music programme. Create favourites and transfer the music wirelessly to your system in the best stereo quality.

Download in the App store Beim Google play Store laden with Volumio

Volumio is a multi-award-winning digital music system for audio enthusiasts. It gives you access to your own music files as well as to various streaming services. One of these is™. The Volumio software is available free of charge on their homepage.

Volumio runs on various player platforms, e.g. also on a Raspberry Pi single-board computer. with Web Player

The easiest way ever to listen to™: Your web browser! *)

Now play the channels of your choice via your computer in the best stereo quality. And the player looks as good as it sounds. Including full-format cover display and “dark mode”.

*) best with a Chrome browser™.fm


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