Idea™ – music and communication in retailing

Supported systems
Whether you’re in a shopping center or at your own stand-alone store,™ provides the custom soundtrack to meet your company’s requirements. To receive the channels, we recommend our proven Barix network player or a Sonos wireless hi-fi system.

Technical requirements™ is a streaming service. Broadband internet* and a connection to the audio/amplifier system are the only technical requirements for interruption-free reception.

*) 50-80kbps per channel used simultaneously™



The™ concept consists of a music program tailored to fit your brand image, creating a pleasant ambiance for your stores. Complementary jingles and adverts transform the musical backdrop into the perfect in-store radio program.

Music concept

Music has been our core business for 10 years. Our music editors monitor and refine your music program and tailor it to your brand. Our music database contains more than half a million titles from a wealth of musical genres.
We maintain excellent relations with artists and the music industry, and can play the best music when it is in rotation on conventional radio as well. We love music!

Brand elements and spots

Your station IDs and jingles complement the perfect music mix curated for your store, making this musical backdrop a unique, unmistakable in-store radio program for your brand.
Announcements and adverts can be integrated into the program as desired. Place your message directly at the point of sale to stimulate sales in a targeted fashion. We’ll advise you on content and form, and can even take over responsibility for production if required.

Announcements with™™

Reception™ is broadcast over the internet. Since an internet connection is available practically anywhere these days,™ can be received easily. We offer a range of technical capabilities to enable the use of™ in your stores.

Barix network receiver

A network receiver from Swiss company Barix is ideal for many projects, as it can be flexibly integrated into existing audio systems. We deliver it preconfigured for immediate use.

More info on the Barix networkplayer

Barix networkplayers can be used in various ways. They are low on power consumption (<10W) and provide a nifty backup system, so music even plays when network connection is lost. System integrators highly appreciate the open architecture of the devices, making it possible to control them through professional systems such as AMX® or Crestron®.


If you’re looking for a simple yet effective sound solution for smaller retail spaces, take a look at the wireless music system from Sonos®.

More info on Sonos

Sonos is a revolutionary wireless music system that lets you place nice looking and yet powerful loudspeakers all across your house. You can group several players to zones just with a fingertip.™ is also available on Sonos as a fully integrated music service.

To install, simply access the “more music” menu on your Sonos controller and choose “”. Add your username and password and you are ready to go! Instantly, you have access to all program groups from your subscription.


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